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Registry of Pipeline Personnel Certificate

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Registry of Pipeline Personnel Certificate

CERTIVATION is proud to announce that the following individuals have demonstrated they have the knowledge and understanding of the best practices in pipeline integrity and have been awarded certification.

This designation can be obtained by submitting a comprehensive application, and successfully completing a certification examination, and is recognized for their professional achievement.

CS_014F-00000016-1 Scott R Fannin
CS_020F-00000017-1 Scott R Fannin
CS_014F-00000018-1 Zachary T. Raby
CS_020F-00000019-1 Zachary T. Raby
CS_020F-00000020-1 David Adam Buckley
CS_014F-00000021-1 David Adam Buckley
CS_020F-00000022-1 Wayne A  Gilbert II
CS_020F-00000023-1 John A. Dolcini

If a name cannot be found on this list, it may be the result of a typographical or administrative error, or the individual may be certified under a different name. This may also occur if the individual has not agreed to release his/her certification status to the public. For further assistance, you may submit your request to