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API Spec Q1/Q2

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API Spec Q1/Q2: T​argeting quality control and risk management​

Targeting safety

The API Spec Q1 and Q2 standards are certifications regarding companies tasked with the manufacturing of components and for service supply for the petroleum and natural gas industry, set by the American Petroleum Institute (API). Training and audits of quality standards and quality assurance systems are at the forefront of this standard, and in contrast to a​ DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, API Spec Q1/Q2 regards risk assessment and management in detail, too.

In contrast to DIN EN ​ISO 9001, the f​ocus of API Spec Q1 is on:

  • risk management
  • emergency planning
  • employee education
  • control of suppl​y chain
  • service quality plan
  • management of change
  • preventive maintenance, inspection and test program

Due to its high international reputation, an API Spec Q1/Q2 certification is extremely important. It definitely helps you to​
improve ​your company's image and reduce your business costs.

So, better save yourself an important competitive advantage by contacting us.

CERTIVATION​ is always delighted to support you.

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