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DIN ISO 45001

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DIN ISO 45001: Occupational health and safety management system

Occupational safety as a sustainable competitive advantage for your company

A company's employees  represent a significant value that needs to be protected. This protection is a central component of our work environment today. By systematically analyzing potential hazards and taking specific measures to prevent them, you can ensure a high level of protection for the health and life of your employees. This reduces downtime of people and machines and thus creates more efficient and economical work processes.

​Certification according to DIN ISO 45001 by CERTIVATION GmbH supports your  search for qualified specialists and executives as it carries the employee-focused orientation of your company to the outside. You will enhance your attractiveness as employer and create a real competitive advantage in times of skill shortages.

The international standard DIN ISO 45001 is the standard for occupational health and safety management systems. Using uniform definitions consistent with other ISO standards and the high-level structure, it facilitates the integration of various management systems or the expansion of your existing system, such as quality management according to DIN EN  ISO 9001: 2015 . This integration option will permanently reduce the effort required to maintain and implement your management systems.​

Interested in a certifying your occupational health and safety management system? Have additional questions about DIN ISO 45001? Feel free to contact us.​​

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All the benefits of CERTIVATION DIN ISO 45001 certification at a glance:

  • ​​Reduces the risk of workplace accidents
  • Lowers sickness ​
  • Increases employer attractiveness
  • Boosts employee motivation
  • Creates a competitive advantage through high safety standards
  • Ensure legal complia​nce with clear documentation