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Blockchain Ensured Certificates

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Blockchain Certificates -

Truly secure!

Blockchain technology provides forgery-proof personal certificates

For a good start into your working life, certificates are of great importance in order to prove that you own specific skills and competences. Certificates and performance records are accepted decision-making aids for companies and thus highly relevant for a career. It is precisely this significance of certificates that often invites misuse. Today it is increasingly easier to create counterfeits that can lead to economic damage and loss of reputation for all parties involved.

With the Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service, CERTIVATION offers educational institutions an independent platform to issue and manage forgery-proof certificates.

The platform enables graduates not only to prove the authenticity of their data at any time without official certification, but also to share certificates directly.

t the same time, companies can directly and reliably verify the authenticity of their applicants' certificates.

The use of blockchain technology (decentralized data structure) makes subsequent manipulation of certificates impossible.

Learn here how the Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service works. If you want to learn more about our vision, just click here.

The advantages of Blockchain Certificates:

  • Authenticity and counterfeit protection thanks to decentralized data structures and strong cryptography
  • Transparency: All information available anytime, anywhere
  • Image building through the use of innovative technology solutions
  • Data protection and control through GDPR-compliant solution
  • Open Source philosophy - not a proprietary solution
  • Efficient automation of individual processes

Create added value for your institution, your students and industry partners. Become part of an open community with the aim to establish a standard for forgery-proof blockchain certificates.

Interested? Contact us for further information.


That's how it works!

Secure, fast and easy certificate protection

After successful registration for the Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service you can upload the certificates of your students and graduates by single entry or massupload, and thus trigger the Blockchain entry. The GDPR standards are met by simply entering a hash value in the blockchain.

You will then receive a digital blockchain certificate with all relevant information and two QR codes as proof of successful entry, which you can make available to your students digitally.

BEC Service description

With the QR codes, the blockchain certificates can be accessed and shared at any time to ensure an easier application process and authentication.


Our vision with the Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service

Create joint standards and an open platform for more trust

Our goal as CERTIVATION is to establish an open platform together with various partners from the fields of education, recruiting and IT. The platform makes it possible to share and validate information automatically, transparently and counterfeit-proof. Based on the latest technologies, we want to offer user-oriented services that support companies in the systematic digitization of their processes.

At first CERTIVATION plans to establish a certificate wallet and an open standard for the creation, issuance, display and verification of Blockchain Ensured Certificates.

In the long term, we want to cooperate with various user- and partner groups as well as service providers who offer independent services on our platform. Examples of these services are audit-proof and automated payrolling with the help of Smart Contracts or AI-supported recruitment. All this takes place in a secure environment in which users retain full control over their personal data.

Unsere Vision

For that we not only use the latest innovations in the areas of blockchain, AI and cloud services, but also create experiences and interactions that reflect modern customer behavior.

If you would like to become part of our platform, please contact us.

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Internal Sales Representative
Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service

What our customers think:

Michael J. Grabner Michael J. Grabner, MBA

KMU Akademie & Management AG​

„With the Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service we create tamper-proof trust and at the same time benefit from the possibilities of digital transformation. The graduates from Middlesex University/KMU Akademie & Management AG enjoy the opportunity to prove the authenticity of their data at any time during the application process, without the need for governmental attestation."