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Statement of Independence, Declaration of Impartiality & Accreditation

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​​Statement of Independence​

The CERTIVATION​ GmbH certification authority declares, that it exerts rights and obligations which are related to the act of certification and that these actions are exclusive of its area of responsibility.

It reserves the right for its decisions in relation to certification, including granting, denial, maintenance, renewal, expansion, restriction or restoring after suspension as well as withdrawal of certification. The decision concerning granting, denial, maintenance, renewal, expansion, restriction or restoring after suspension as well as the withdrawal of certification will never be outsourced.

The top management of CERTIVATION is committed to independence and impartiality in case of any certification act. Auditing and certification always run under the valid version of the respective standards and are consistent with further applicable laws and guidelines. Furthermore, the top management commits to adherence of demands concerning accreditation guidelines ISO/IEC 17024, ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO/IEC 27006. To guarantee impartiality and objectivity of any valuation and decision, the entire personnel of the certification authority are:

  • independent of financial and commercial influences concerning every single auditing or certification action and decision.
  • technically free from instructions of other business segments or subsidiary companies.

The certification authority is not permitted to certificate the management system of another certification authority.
The certification authority declines certification of the management system of clients for which it has performed a supporting function in the past. Two years after ending the supporting function are said to be the accepted time for minimization of risk. A certification by CERTIVATION GmbH is always independent of the need to use of a consulting organization. CERTIVATION GmbH is always resolutely critical of claims that the process of certification could be easier, quicker, more favorable or uncomplicated if a special consulting organization were to be involved.

Accreditation & Recognition

CERTIVATION GmbH is a certification body for management systems accredited by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS).

The accreditation is valid for the scope of accreditation as stated in the annex [D-ZM-21170-01-00] of the accreditation certificate. ​

Declaration of impartiality - Committee for guaranteed impartiality

The CERTIVATION GmbH has established processes to ensure that the certificating personnel always work impartially and independently. To guarantee the functionality of these processes, the certification authority works with a risk-based concept. Furthermore, the CERTIVATION GmbH has established a committee for guaranteed impartiality (advisory board), thus the impartiality of our work will be periodically verified by an independent body.
To the committee, the certification authority demonstrates that their impartiality has never been and is currently not endangered by economic, financial or other pressures. The committee:

  • helps with the development of fundamental regulations concerning the impartiality of their certification activities,
  • counteracts any tendency of the certification authority for commerce or any other aspects which would prevent the constant and objective provision of certification activities.
  • consults in the case of questions concerning the lack of trust in certification, including openness and public perception,
  • ​valuates the impartiality of audits, certification and decisions by the certification authority, at least once a year.​