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Blockchain Ensured Certificates

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Authenticity, credibility and transparency, thanks to "Blockchain Ensured Certificates"

Our society is changing: The digital transformation demands from companies growing transparency and future-oriented solutions. Customers and companies want to have the opportunity to verify the authenticity of information, reliably and without detours.

With our "Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service (BEC)", we have developed a solution based on state-of-the-art technology to provide transparent and tamper-proof information about the validity of your certificates.

This service is available to you for your certificates. For this, we allow you to store your publicly available certificate information in the Public Ethereum Blockchain. In this way, the information about your certificates is always available and tamper-proof. Of course, this standard applies to all certificates issued by CERTIVATION.


Public Blockchain: Why?​

The blockchain is a decentralized data structure that allows users to directly exchange goods or information without intermediaries, and to fully control their transaction histories. The information is signed using strong cryptographic methods, so that subsequent manipulation is not possible.

The main advantage of the Public Blockchain is its decentralized structure. This makes a successful manipulation in a central location impossible. When using an online database or a Private Blockchain, however, there is a central control entity that serves as a trust anchor. Thus, the use of a Public Blockchain creates the greatest possible security and confidence, while being independent from a central control body.


BEC: How does it work?​

After successfully registering for the BEC service, you can enter your relevant certificate information to request a Blockchain entry. For certificates from other certification authorities, a one-time check of your certificate details is carried out, first. Only if these data are correct, our experts will transfer your certificate to the Blockchain. This validation can take up to 5 working days.

Afterwards, as proof of the successful entry, we will send you a digital certificate with all relevant transaction information and a QR code with which you can call your Blockchain certificate via the official Ethereum Block Explorer. You are welcome to use this for your promotion activities.

If you change your certification (e.g. re-certification), let us know and we will review your updated information and, if correct, renew your Blockchain listing. For certificates of CERTIVATION GmbH, we make sure that the Blockchain entries are always up to date.

In a next step, we also want to provide this service to other certificate issuing bodies. Interested? Talk to us.

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A "Blockchain Ensured Certificate" from CERTIVATION offers you the following advantages:

  • Transparency: All information about your certificate can be viewed by anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Strengthened confidence in your company through practiced transparency
  • Possibility to transfer your certificates into the digital world and use them effectively
  • Innovative Image: Show that you use innovative technology solutions
  • Authenticity and counterfeit security thanks to decentralized data structures and strong cryptography
  • No proprietary solution through open source​​​