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Oct 30
CERTIVATION's Blockchain Service nominated for eco://award 2019

CERTIVATION with the Blockchain Ensured Certificates Service is nominated for the eco://award 2019 in the category Innovation.

"We are delighted that we made it to the final with our Blockchain Service and were thus able to convince an interdisciplinary jury of various experts of the added value of our solution," explains Product Manager Sebastian Beyer.

In addition to evaluation criteria such as uniqueness, utility, scalability, aspects such as user-friendliness or the use of innovative business models were an important decision criterion for the expert jury.

Blockchain Ensured Certificates make it possible to enter personal and company-related certificates into the blockchain quickly, easily, tamper-proof, transparent for everyone and publicly visible with the help of the blockchain in order to prevent certificate misuse.

The BEC-Service differs from other partially non-European solutions in its open business model. In addition, it has not been established by individual universities in a proprietary manner. The solution is based on the open-source idea, so that every university or private individual can use the service without having to adapt it. In addition, the service can be continuously improved and independently designed. Furthermore, the BEC-Service differs in the number of entries that can be made, thanks to the use of Ethereum. In the medium term, we want to advance process automation through the use of smart contracts and the establishment of an education wallet and thus digitally transform application procedures, for example. This offers high savings potentials compared to today's common manual procedures in terms of costs, efficiency and duration.

Keep your fingers crossed for the award ceremony on 21 November 2019 in Cologne. If you already want to try out the BEC-Service, you will find everything you need here: BEC-Service.