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May 09
KMU Akademie & Management AG and CERTIVATION GmbH offer Blockchain Ensured Certificates for graduates

Since May 2019, the well-known KMU Akademie & Management AG from Linz, has been offering its graduates forgery-proof certificates using the Ethereum Blockchain (ETH) within the context of the German-speaking time and location-independent course of studies in cooperation with the Middlesex University. The service provided by CERTIVATION GmbH, an independent certification body and blockchain solution provider, offers new digital opportunities with their blockchain ensured certificates.

KMU Akademie Chairman Michael Grabner explains the increasing demand for forgery-proof certificates:

"Certificates and performance records are accepted decision-making aids for companies and thus highly relevant for a career. It is precisely this significance of certificates that often invites abuse. Today, it is increasingly easier to create counterfeits that can lead to economic damage and loss of reputation for all parties involved. In cooperation with the CERTIVATION GmbH we now can prevent these outcomes."

CERTIVATION Project Manager Sebastian Beyer sees Blockchain Ensured Certificate (BEC) as the next step to connect education providers, graduates and employers using new digital opportunities. He explains:

"We offer educational institutions an independent platform to issue and manage forgery-proof certificates. In addition, the BEC-service enables graduates not only to prove the authenticity of their data at any time, but also to share certificates directly. At the same time, companies can directly and reliably verify the authenticity of their applicants' certificates."

With their collaboration, KMU Akademie and CERTIVATION create an accepted and open standard for Blockchain Ensured Certificates. They aim to establish a partner network of international education providers, recruitment agencies, authorities and other interest parties to extend trust and transparency in society.

Furthermore, the BEC-service is the first European solution which allows to store and share complete academic certificates in a revision-proof manner. Other already existing solutions focus only on certification of single academic courses.

Want to learn more about the BEC-Service, click here.