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Maritime CyberSecurity

Maritime Cyber Security

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Maritime Cyber Security

Nowadays, navigation at sea is entirely dependent on electronic systems. As in other areas of life, these systems have evolved and are increasingly integrated via gateways. Additionally, it is now common for a modern ship to be connected to the internet.

Similar to the development in the automotive industry, the reliability of the ship’s systems has been the main focus of questions about security. However, defense against cyberattacks must also be considered particularly on ships with an internet connection, as this connection makes them even more vulnerable. Because the various systems are networked, even navigation can be endangered.

Our expert Stephan Gerling has been researching this topic for years, focusing on forensics, incident response, penetration tests and maritime security. After several years as an avionics specialist for navigation systems in the German armed forces, Stephan has now been working as an IT specialist in the oil and gas industry for almost twenty years.

Stephan has participated in various conferences where he held presentations and shared his expertise with other security specialists. These conferences include:

Another Place, Another Time – GPS Threats and Countermeasures

  • Kaspersky ICS Security Summit (Industrial Control System Security), Sotschi, Russia
  • Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit (TheSAS2019), Singapur
  • Nullcon Goa, Goa, India

Hack The Sea

Der Mittelstand, offen wie ein Scheunentor

  • VDI Technikdinner, Lingen, Germany
  • Forum Industrie und Mittelstand, Nordhorn, Germany

Hacking Swimming IoT

  • LKA NRW: Phishbot Konferenz, Düsseldorf, Germany

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