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Aug 26
Practice-oriented whitepaper on the use of the blockchain in SME‘s published

Blockchain, a technology that originally became known through crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, is increasingly used in a variety of industries including insurance, logistics, education, certification and many more. What was initially regarded as hype is now becoming a serious cross-sectional technology that is fundamentally changing the entire value chain. CERTIVATION Blockchain expert Sebastian Beyer explains: "The blockchain enables the transaction of values in digital space without intermediaries, ensures authenticity, and represents, among other things, a novel, efficient method for the verification of data and data transfers. We also use the technology, for example, to publish customer certificates in a forgery-proof and transparent way."

As an important pillar of the global economy, small and medium-sized enterprises are of particular importance. At the same time, SME’s are the central driver and beneficiary of the integration of this technology into their daily work processes. It is our goal to share basic knowledge about the use of blockchain technology with this white paper in cooperation with the eco Association and to specifically address the needs of medium-sized companies.

An essential challenge for medium-sized companies is to find out which application scenarios are suitable to be implemented on the basis of a blockchain. "When we set up one of the first blockchain-based services in Germany, we were faced with exactly this question," recalls Sebastian Beyer. The whitepaper therefore advises us to build simple prototypes on a trial basis, to test them with customers, to improve them, or to discard a discontinued approach and rebuild them. This is the only way to test quickly and cost-effectively whether you are on the right track.

Have you become curious and want to learn more about the use of the blockchain in your company? Feel free to contact us or dive directly into the whitepaper.

Whitepaper: Blockchain in SMEs